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Recipies for SurfacesRecipes for Surfaces

A basic "cook" book of 40+ decorative painting recipes rated by difficulty from easy to complex.

Recipies for Surfaces IIRecipes for Surfaces II

Decorative painting is one of the most popular ways of adding a special touch to homes. Using the clear, step-by-step format that made "Recipes for Surfaces" a favorite among crafts people, the authors provide hundreds of ways to decorate floors, walls, ceilings, doors, and all kinds of furniture.

Professional Painted SurfacesProfessional Painted Finishes

Professional Painted Finishes is the first book on decorative painting directed to professionals working - or hoping to work - in this field. The authors run The Finishing School, the foremost school in the United States for learning the painted finish. In this book they share the techniques they teach to over 1,000 students a year. Because most of the students hope to use these skills in their businesses, the Finishing School techniques are easy to learn, and students can use readily available paints and tools to produce consistently excellent results.

The first part of the book teaches basics, helping the reader select the right finish for the job. It includes valuable information on color, media, and tools that will facilitate work on any paint project.

Decorative Paint FinishesDecorative Paint Finishes

Enliven walls, doors, and furniture with ragging, sponging, color-washing, staining, stenciling, and more. Learn surface preparation, mixing colors, and glaze and faux finish step-by-step application.

Sponging Etc.Sponging Etc.

Using common materials and a few simple techniques, anyone can bring timeless elegance to a room or transform ordinary objects into heirlooms. With 'Sponging ETC., learn how to use sponge painting and color washing to add pizzazz to your decorating. Master glazing techniques, such as strie, combing, and rag rolling. Mix your own paint glazes for maximum color control at minimum expense.

Decorating with Paint and WallcoveringDecorating With Paint & Wallcovering

Create a new backdrop for any room in your home with the help of this showcase of wall-covering ideas

Update your color palette and refresh your decor by learning how to mix and match moldings and borders with paint, wallpaper, fabric, and paneling

Master decorative painting techniques such as stenciling, ragging, sponging, colorwashing, and marbling; step-by-step photographs show you how

Gather professional tips for selecting materials, estimating amounts, and completing your project

Ideas for Great Kids RoomsIdeas for Great Kids' Rooms

IDEAS FOR GREAT KID'S ROOMS  is full of unique imaginative ideas for making your child's room a fun place to sleep and play. With this collection of layout, decorating, and storage suggestions, you and your child can plan a room where both of you will want to go. These concepts are kid-tested, mother-approved!

Complete Guide to WallpaperingThe Complete Guide to Wallpapering

The art of wallpapering requires skill and knowledge of the tried and true as well as the latest techniques. This book unlocks the many secrets of paperhanging. With sections devoted to tools, wall preparation, estimating, patterns, seams, adhesives, and more, it's a comprehensive resource for the novice and the professional alike.

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